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Wellness Credit

2018 Wellness Credit Programs – earn and receive the quarterly $60 wellness credit!

  • Quarter 1 – members would need to earn a total of 100 pts to receive a $60 wellness credit. (Complete the MHA this quarter and the Biometric Screening this year to continue to receive the wellness credit.)
  • Quarter 2 – members would need to earn a total of 200 pts to receive a $60 wellness credit
  • Quarter 3 – members would need to earn a total of 300 pts to receive a $60 wellness credit
  • Quarter 4 – members would need to earn a total of 400 pts to receive a $60 wellness credit

Earn 75 pts by completing your Preventive Care ( select 3 exams)

Earn additional points by completing program activities ( Targeted programs, online courses, employer challenges, peer challenges, healthy events, health metric bonus, and enroll or complete a care plan).

Oct/Nov/Dec 2017 Quarter (Holiday in a Bag!)

This quarter is a transition to a full calendar year. Earn the $60 Wellness Credit by completing two activities (must earn 50 points):

  • Employer Challenge: Brown Bag Healthy Lunch (25 points)
  • Healthy Event: Benefits Expo (sign in at Employee Wellness Table) or Cooking Club (25 points each)
  • Online Course: 25 points
  • 250,000 steps: automatically signed up when steps device is connected in the wellness portal (25 points)

Need a steps device? If you have never received a FitBit device from the Wellness Office, email a request now for a FitBit Zip.

How to self report attendance at an on campus Healthy Event

Requirements for the final Q4 are in the wellness portal:

  • Watch a quick video: How to Start Making Changes (4 minutes)

  • Complete the Hydration Challenge (starts August 21)

  • Walk 250,000 steps (this starts automatically once you sync your device or phone)
    Earn 50 points and the $60 Wellness Credit, if eligible, by completing 2 out of 3! 

2. How much is the wellness credit?

The wellness credit is $240 per year, awarded quarterly for benefits eligible employees who participate and meet certain criteria. 

Active participation in the employee wellness program is required to earn the wellness credit. The wellness credit is applied towards health care premiums. If you choose the free CDHP option, you will receive contributions to an Health Savings Account (Benefits Card). 

3. What if I am benefits eligible but do not take a health care plan? 

You are still able to use the wellness portal, participate in events, activities and challenges and earn challenge-specific incentives. However, you are not eligible for the wellness credit.
Spouses/sponsored dependent or dependent 18 years or older must be covered under EKU medical insurance to participate. Only spouses or sponsored dependents are eligible to earn the wellness credit.

4. What is the Wellness Platform?

It is an online portal with many opportunities to participate in and track your personal health and wellness activities. You can earn points for tracking health-related activities and participating in education opportunities and group challenges. Our goal is for you to take action to make positive health and wellness changes so EKU can truly become the healthiest University in the nation and allow everyone to live life to the fullest.

5. Can I access this platform via my mobile phone?

Yes! There is a mobile app. Information is located in the portal. Search Viverae in the App Store.

6. Will my personal profile and information be visible to other people?


6. Will EKU and/or HR and/or the Wellness Program use any personal data or information of any participants?

NO! The only data visible is aggregate data for information regarding our corporate behaviors, outcomes and engagement related to health and wellness.

7. Who do I talk to if I need help or have questions about the Wellness Platform?

Contact: for online or in office training.
If you have technical difficulties call the Viverae Wellness Platform Help Desk at 888.848.3723.

8. Does my activity tracker integrate with this system?

YES! The majority of the popular tracking devices do integrate. 

9. How do I learn how to use the Wellness Platform?

We offer onsite training in your department and/or office by request.

10. What if I already did my biometric screening?

Biometric screenings are completed during your annual visit to your personal physician. The cost is covered under all EKU health insurance plans. Plan to take the biometric screening form, available in the wellness portal, with you to this visit. Completed forms can be submitted in August to Viverae.

There are no scheduled biometric screenings on campus.

11. What about annual incentives?

Annual incentives have been eliminated. Employees can now earn the $240 Wellness Credit.

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