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Good Night November Challenge


This month we are focusing on sleep and how it affects our health. The amount and the quality of sleep we get has a huge effect on how our minds and bodies function. The Sleep Foundation recommends that the average adult get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Consistently sleeping for less than 7 hours per night (known as chronic sleep deprivation) can weaken the immune system, cause depression and anxiety, and increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions. Most of us have very busy schedules and find it hard to get enough sleep, but sleep is one of the most important things to help us function well in those busy schedules. Your challenge this month is to make your sleep a priority, which starts with tracking.  Pay attention to how much you sleep and how deeply you sleep each night. 

When: November 1 - November 30 (Sign up by November 5)

What: Track your sleep habits (how long you sleep and how deep) 15 times throughout the month to earn 15 points

How to Participate:

  • Sign-up (closed)

  • Using the Activity Tracker (provided after sign-up), give yourself one point for every day you track your sleep habits

  • Send your Tracker to by the end of November (December 3 deadline). 

Point Value: 15 points for 15 days

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