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Return-to-Work Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management

Returning to in-person work may present some difficulties for many employees. Over a year ago, much of workforce made a life-altering transition into remote work. This became the "new normal," until recently. With the decline of positive covid-19 cases and the growing availability of vaccines, companies are bringing their workforces back to the buildings.

Even though the world is returning to “normal,” anxiety in the U.S. has been at its peak among many adults as a result.

Did you know? Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the U.S. and impacts 18.1% of adults. If you're feeling anxious about returning to work (or anxious in general) you are not alone.

Below are a few simple ways that you can manage your anxiety in the moment.

  • Slowly count to 10 - This shifts your focus from whatever feels troubling in the moment to something you can "hone in on." Another option is to pick five objects that you observe around you and think about each one. This serves to take your mind off of the anxious feelings.

  • Limit caffeine - We love our coffee, but too much caffeine tends to increase anxiety and feelings of uneasiness.

  • Practice meditation - Meditation can be as simple as taking 15 minutes to listen to calming music or to focus on positive lyrics or words.

  • Consider your environment - What can you change around you to make you feel more at ease and joyful? Make your office surroundings as comfortable as possible.

  • Write it down - Working through thoughts by jotting them down or journaling is an effective coping method.

  • Silence your phone - The many distractions from texts and social media can negatively impact mental health.

The above methods are recommended for managing mild anxiety in the moment, but sometimes further assistance is necessary. You are encouraged to make an appointment with BluMine Health Clinic or your primary care provider to discuss your concerns. EKU also offers an Employee Assistance Program, through which employees and their families have access to free mental health services. 

Published on April 21, 2021

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